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Fake Job offers In india

15. May 2017

Criminals use names of Austrian Companies 

Never pay for alleged job offers of Austrian companies. 
Unfortunately not being a new topic, lately cases of faked job offers have caused a lot of griefing for Indian citizens. 

Criminals use the name of actual reputed Austrian companies involving the name of the Austrian Embassy and the contract company VFS to make people belief that the job offer is genuine. Once contact is established, these criminals urge their victims to pay money for facilitating to get the job or a visa. All of this is a scam and should be reported to the police.


No Austrian company will make you pay to apply for a job at their companies.

Furthermore, the application fee for a visa depending on the type is roughly  between RS 4.200,-- and RS 7.000,--. The Embassy never asks for a  medical.

In case of any further questions in this regards please call us or send an email. We are happy to help.