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ISWA Study Tour June 22 - 27, 2014 (Thema Waste to Energy)

12. February 2014

Practice Seminar on Sustainable Waste Management in Europe based on Prevention, Recycling, Recovery, Treatment, and Intermediate Storage - without any disposal of untreated wastes exceeding 5 % TOC in landfills

Method for the Practice Seminar

There are 3 pillars of individual benefit and professional learning offered within this unique practice seminar:
1. Quality seminar taught by senior experts in waste management, environmental policy and engineering
2. Visits to waste treatment facilities representing Best Available Techniques including discussion with operators, government inspectors, and reputable suppliers
3. Discussions with political and environmental experts on control and public acceptance of hazardous waste treatment and waste incineration plants (typical “lulu” projects - locally unwanted land use and “NIMBY” – not in my backyard)

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