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29. August 2017

Austria, located in the heart of Europe, offers great opportunities for companies of all sectors. Austrian products and brands are renowned worldwide. Cultural treasures such as Mozartkugels, Apfelstrudel, Lipizzaner horses, Sacher cake and Sissi are known around the globe.

Innovations developed in Austria are known and used globally -- for example in the construction of ropeways and cable cars. A steelmaking process developed in 1948 is still the worldwide method for basic steelmaking. Other key characteristics of Austrian products are e.g. sustainability, environmental friendliness and climate protection. Action cameras produced in Austria are used in Hollywood movies and sporting events. 50% of the world’s passports use a security chip engineered in Austria and one in three hearing implants are designed and manufactured in Austria. And an Austrian company turned wood into a high-performance clothing fiber that protects from heat and flames. 

The Austrian capital city Vienna is among the world's most liveable city (according to the Mercer quality of living survey). Vienna is also home to some of the world's best brains.

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