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The agricultural and forestry industries form an important, export-oriented part of the Austrian economy. The diverse foreign markets with varying needs and a demand for ever more modern and innovative technologies present an ongoing, interesting challenge for the industry. With in-depth knowledge of the markets and by accommodating the specific requests of partners, Austrian companies deliver agriculture and forestry technology such as sowing and harvesting machinery, stable and stall fittings, agricultural chemistry or forest harvesters to customers all over the world. Livestock and genetics from Austria are also in constant demand from new markets.


Innovative Technology

Modern agricultural and forestry technology is characterised by innovation, guaranteeing its ability to incorporate structural changes. The use of cutting-edge technology is standard in this industry. The wide range of high-performance, top-quality Austrian exports of agricultural and forestry technology include:

  • Sowing machinery
  • Harvesting machinery
  • Fertilising machinery 
  • Stable and stall fittings
  • Biogas plants 
  • Ensiling and feeding technology 
  • Weather stations 
  • Logging technology
  • Harvesters

and many other state-of-the-art products.

Precision Farming

Just one of many examples of reliable, contemporary technology from Austria: Modern tractors are equipped with satellite-controlled navigation and mapping systems for achieving targeted yields.

Good representation

Austrian producers of agricultural machinery and tools as well as manufacturers of forestry technology are represented by the Association of Metaltechnology Industries .

The FMMI is a member of EUMABOIS (European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers) and CEMA (The European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery). CEMA and EUMABOIS currently represent the interests and concerns of 14 countries on the international stage, e.g. in the field of trade fairs.

International Expertise

Austria’s agricultural and forestry technology is at the very top of the industry in many sectors - Austrian producers are even world market leaders in some segments. The industry’s export success extends beyond Europe and partners from China, Japan and the USA also believe in Austrian quality.

Markets with high backlogs

EU countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as others such as Russia and the Ukraine are countries where agriculture and forestry are key economic sectors. Austrian suppliers are able to meet the high demand for modern agricultural and forestry technology and export optimal solutions for the most varied markets.

Global and local forestry technology

In recent years, central and south Asia have been dynamic export markets for forestry technology, as have Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East. Austrian manufacturers make the most of the traditionally-strong, Central European forestry clusters by working together with producers and suppliers in Germany, northern Italy and the Czech Republic.

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