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Austrian design in Dublin’s Docklands

Waagner-Biro’s two largest projects in Ireland to date, the Convention Centre Dublin and the Sean O’Casey Bridge have already become city landmarks.

The Convention Centre is located at Spencer Dock on the river Liffey and was designed by architect Kevin Roche. Waagner-Biro supplied the dome of the main entrance and the cylindrical steel-glass structure giving the building the iconic look of a tilted beer glass. The engineers used 110 metric tons of steel and 2,600 square metres of glass in construction.

Just a stone’s throw away, the Sean O’Casey Bridge was built for pedestrians by Waagner-Biro’s British subsidiary Qualter Hall. This is a swing bridge consisting of two sections, each 44 metres long and weighing 180 metric tons. Each section can be swung 90 degrees to allow ships to pass. Further Waagner-Biro projects in Ireland to date are a ferry landing stage, a floating crane and an emergency braking system for a landing stage.

These projects illustrate Waagner-Biro’s versatility, making the organisation perfectly poised for further projects in Ireland.

Waagner-Biro is a world-renowned steel engineering company that designs spectacular architectural creations of steel and glass, bridges, stage equipment and special machinery.