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Optimum infrastructure, innovative construction methods and functioning transport technology are all key factors in determining a country's standard of living. Rich in tradition and highly innovative, Austrian companies offer expertise in construction, transport technology, IT, consulting and engineering.


Innovation in the construction and infrastructure sector

Austrian companies are meeting the challenges of the future with innovative solutions in the field of transport technology. The Austrian construction industry is known for generating new developments and highly valuing co-operation.

The "Building of Tomorrow"

The so-called "Building of Tomorrow" has a lot of potential. Innovative technology for new buildings and the modernisation of existing buildings is used in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Thermal insulation
  • Solar architecture
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Ecological building materials

For further information, please visit Building of Tomorrow

Information Technology

Austria as an information technology location is characterized by the many specialised small and medium enterprises and a high quality environment for research and development. Many businesses, from Alcatel-Lucent to Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and Sony, enjoy the numerous advantages of Austria as an IT base. They have established international research departments and plants for the production of quality products.

Transport Technology

Technological developments in the field of transport technology are a particular concern of Austrian companies. By implementing these activities, the environmental and transport policy problems of tomorrow can be addressed today.

In areas such as railway technology Austria has the advantage of years of experience and a wealth of expertise suitable for export. With the companies Plasser&Theurer, voestalpine Schienen GmbH and voestalpine VAE GmbH, Austria is home to three international market leaders in the fields of track construction machinery, switch plates and specialised rails. Other Austrian companies have the necessary expertise for innovative applications in telematics, such as GPS based navigation systems and toll technology.

Markets of the Future - Central and Eastern Europe

Austria ’s role as ‘Gateway to the East’ has an interesting history. Find out more by listening to an audio stream: Austria, a strategic location in Europe [mp3, 898.4kb]

In the infrastructure sector and construction industry, the countries from Central and Eastern Europe are the markets of the future. The strong growth markets in Eastern Europe also offer expansion opportunities for construction companies in the commercial sector. Cooperation with Eastern European companies is of utmost importance.

Building Blocks of Success

The Austrian construction industry has a recipe for success, consisting of :

  • Effective, operative and holistic strategic risk management
  • Efficient cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Customer-oriented collaboration with contractors and the construction team
  • Modern management approach.

Austria's Construction Industry in Eastern Europe

The largest Austrian construction company - STRABAG - already generates around 25% of revenue in the neighbouring Eastern European countries. Austria's biggest brick manufacturer - Wienerberger - has also been active in the Eastern European market for many years. And these are just two examples of the foreign involvement of Austrian companies.

Machinery for the construction industry

Companies from the Austrian machinery industry are successful exporters world-wide. The high technical standards and the know-how of the innovative machinery sector is highly prized and respected on the European and international markets. 

Austrian providers do not only produce the machinery, but also deliver modules, tools and automation - guaranteeing customers the highest quality and productivity. Key success factors include a well-trained workforce, high quality standards and an established network with manufacturers in other countries.

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