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It is the international network of education facilities that makes Austria such an attractive location for education and research. Opportunities from the disciplines of economics, life sciences, tourism and many more are available to customers from all over the world. Education services are multifaceted and range from product training and customised programmes for global markets right through to international undergraduate courses. Training courses, seminars, degree programmes in Austria and abroad, as well as online education opportunities meet the growing trend towards a knowledge-based society and economy while also improving competitive ability on markets which are becoming ever more complex.


Educational opportunities for a dynamic economy

Demand for training and education is rising steadily. Dynamic economic growth in emerging markets, rising demand for qualified staff in many industry sectors and life-long learning for employees have led to a boom in the training and education market. Export-oriented education providers from Austria have precise knowledge of their foreign customers and develop programmes and courses that are perfectly designed to meet their needs.

The knowledge and resource transfer on offer from international education providers from Austria encompasses educational opportunities abroad (“outgoing”) and in Austria (“incoming”). Foreign customers can choose from an array of Austrian providers in the (under)graduate and further education sector, as well as numerous companies offering products and services.

Austrian providers are geared towards exports and they operate education facilities and training centres abroad, enabling the high standards of Austrian education to be exported, along with valuable expertise. Their facilities in Austria work closely with national and international providers and many of these companies also offer e-learning, a flexible solution for customers anywhere in the world.

Diverse range in education exports

In export-oriented Austria you can find an array of opportunities tailored to customers from abroad:
  • Adult education and further education providers
  • Training experts
  • Schools, universities of applied sciences, universities, (under)graduate courses
  • Education and training programmes

The content of the educational programmes covers a broad range of subjects. In addition to specialists in product training and life-long learning, there are education providers operating in the following areas:
  • Economics
  • Business management
  • Tourism
  • Construction and environmental studies
  • Medicine
  • Vocational training for healthcare and social services
  • Life Sciences
  • Media studies and IT
  • Cultural and education studies

Examples of education providers from Austria operating internationally

The WIFI International supports franchise partners in setting up further education institutions that follow the WIFI model, with centres operating in Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The range includes seminars right through to management programmes, most of which are conducted in the form of in-company training.

Danube University Krems is one of Austria’s largest providers of courses for professionals and is one of Europe’s most specialised institutes for post-graduate academic study. Over 150 courses and degree programmes are available, including economics, law and medicine.

The MCI Management Center Innsbruck offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, seminars and training in the fields of economics, management, tourism, law, IT, social studies, health and technology, cooperating with other institutes such as the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

The most important target market of IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems , which offers education programmes in business and economics, life sciences and health, is currently the Middle East (Azerbaijan, Iran, Jordan, Oman and Syria).

WU Executive Academy offers undergraduate and postgraduate management programmes and develops programmes tailored to specific foreign markets. It has already become one of the leading providers in its target markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

As a specialist in SAP user training, Biz-Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH (in German) operates as a partner to adult education institutes in Croatia and Hungary.

Technical University Graz – Life Long Learning offers postgraduate courses in engineering, technology and natural sciences.

The training systems from Bilfinger VAM Anlagentechnik GmbH (vormals MCE Industrietechnik Linz GmbH & Co) cover welding and CNC training and have been implemented in many countries, including Libya, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Bosnia Herzegovina

The EMCO Group offers training solutions for the CDC industry and is an expert partner for lathing and milling. Programmers, machinery operators and service staff worldwide have participated in the company’s training.

Bit best in training is a partner for developing and applying information technology in education. The six subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, Russia and the Cezch Republic, along with numerous cooperation partners, enable the company to realise projects abroad.

The business focus of Body & Health Academy GmbH (in German) is on knowledge transfer related to health and wellbeing. The company offers health-related seminars, workshops, further education programmes, diploma and academic programmes.