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A secure energy supply is crucial to ensure a functioning economy and prosperous population. The Austrian energy industry is extremely well-prepared for the growing demand for innovative technologies - not only for the Austrian market, but also for customers worldwide.


Power Plant Construction from Austria

Expertise in power plant construction has a long tradition in Austria. In 1913 Viktor Kaplan invented a low-pressure water turbine. Thanks to its adjustable propeller blades, it is suitable for highly variable water levels, achieving maximum efficiency even with weak flows. This Austrian invention and its later applications are in use today across the globe. 

Motors and Steel Components

As a leading manufacturer of electrical motors and generators, ELIN Motoren has over 100 years of experience in high-performance drive engineering. This Austrian company is an expert partner to every company involved in the supply chain for major power plants.

voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH supplies steel components for power plants. The company is the global market leader in tool steel and precision-forged blades for gas and steam turbines.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

CHP plants are the most thermodynamically efficient way of producing energy. Austria has an array of innovative producers with high export success in this sector.


This clean and emission-free way of generating electricity through hydropower has a long tradition in Austria. Austrian energy suppliers are committed to sustainable and efficient technologies when it comes to power plant projects and have enjoyed great success exporting this expertise. In Turkey, for example, Austrian companies are involved in almost a third of all hydropower plants currently under construction.

Market Leaders from Austria

Andritz Hydro is one of the world’s largest providers of hydro power generation. One example involved supplying the electromechanical equipment, steel linings and penstocks for a hydropower plant in Costa Rica. Successful projects have also been realised in South Korea, Pakistan, Peru and Nigeria.

Verbund AG focuses on hydropower and is Austria’s largest electricity provider. Hydropower accounts for around 90%, placing the company among the best in Europe when it comes to generating renewable electricity. In addition to the Austrian markets, the company has a strong presence in Germany.

Mining and Oil Field Equipment

Austria is home to global suppliers of mining equipment as well as specialists for the oil and gas industry who are world market leaders. In addition to the exceptional quality of their products and their renowned reliability, the technological expertise of companies in this sector is another key factor in their export success.

High-tech specialists on the oil field

Die Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology GmbH (SBOT) produces high-precision equipment from non-magnetic steel for precision machining. The company is part of Schoeller-Bleckmannn Oilfield Equipment AG (SBO) , headquartered in Ternitz, and has access to sister companies and sales points worldwide. Founded by Alexander Ritter von Schoeller in 1862, the Schoeller steelworks has grown into a highly specialised, listed, world market leader in the oilfield service industry.

Seamless Steel Pipes, Quality Products from Austria

Schoeller Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr GmbH is an important partner to the oil and gas industry. With an export rate of 96%, the company supplies seamless stainless steel pipes and tubes to over 40 countries.

Customer proximity across the globe is a key factor behind the success of voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG . The company’s product range includes seamless steel pipes with an outside diameter of between 26.7mm and 177.8mm, which are crucial components for extraction and transport in the oil and gas industry. The worldwide distribution network of the Styrian company includes subsidiaries in Houston, Dubai and Moscow.

Mining equipment manufacturers

Austria has multiple mining equipment firms that operate worldwide. BBG Baugeräte GmbH produces equipment for the construction industry, blast furnace and steel plant industry, as well as for underground mining.

SBM Mineral Processing GmbH is a global specialist in mineral processing. This Austrian company offers turnkey processing plants for natural stones, sand, gravel, and recycling.

The mixing and conveying technology produced by MAI International GmbH is used for tunnel construction, civil engineering and mining all over the world.

The Styrian company Binder+Co produces screening technology for use in the coal and steel industry and for processing ore.

Fossil Fuels, Mineral and Ores

Following on from centuries of coal mining, no more coal has been produced in Austria since 2006. However, Austrian companies are leaders in natural gas and oil production and Austrian mineral and ore mining plays an important role on the international market. Read on to find out about the export knowhow of Austrian partners to the energy industry and specialists in natural resources.

Search, find, produce, store

OMV Aktiengesellschaft operates mainly in the refinery, exploration and production fields. Processing crude oil into fuel, transportation of products, and sales via its vast network of filling stations are some of the company’s core business areas. The firm’s geographic focus is on the dynamic markets of Europe. OMV carries out exploration, drilling and refining activities of oil and gas in 17 countries. The country is also one of Central Europe’s leaders in gas trading and logistics.

Since 1935 Rohöl-Aufsuchungs AG RAG has been dealing with the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Storing natural gas is another key business area and the firm is among Europe’s leading gas storage companies. RAG also operates in the sectors of gas trading and transport as well as renewable energy projects, including geothermal energy and biogas.

Minerals and Ores

By surface mining on the Styrian Erzberg mountain, VA Erzberg GmbH (in German) has mined 260 million tonnes of ore to date, and the supplies are far from dwindling. An average 6,000 tonnes of ore are delivered to smelters at Linz and Donawitz every day.

At the Waldenstein plant run by Kärntner Montanindustrie GmbH , micaceous iron ore (a grade of hematite) has been extracted here for over a century and processed into one of the most environmentally friendly pigments for producing anti-corrosion paints. In recent years micaceous iron ore has increasingly been used for improving the properties of plastic. With exports accounting for over 90%, the company holds a leading position on the global market. The product is exported to over 80 countries worldwide.

Since 1996 STYROMAG Styromagnesit Steirische Magnesitindustrie GmbH has been operating the oldest mining and smelting plant in Oberdorf. The crystalline and crypto-crystalline magnesite produced here is used for manufacturing industrial flooring, brake linings, grinders and for fire protection.

MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte GmbH & Co KG manufactures and distributes a range of very high quality magnesium oxide and hydroxide powders, and special sodium silicates at its state-of-the-art plant in Breitenau near Graz.

Austria is one of the world’s most important tungsten producers. This ore is critical for today’s high-tech industry. It is used for high-temperature applications in energy and lighting technology as well as for space travel. Europe’s largest tungsten deposit is located in Mittersill, Salzburg. Wolfram Bergbau und Hütten AG specialises in mining and processing this ore.

Power distribution, testing and measurement technology

Austrian mechanical engineering companies export their products to every corner of the globe. They produce machinery and equipment for the energy industry and supply modular systems, tools and automation to guarantee their clients the very best in terms of quality and productivity. Well-educated and trained staff, a strong quality culture and solid networks with manufacturers in other countries are some of the factors behind the success of this sector. Austrian providers enjoy worldwide demand in the fields of power distribution and testing and measurement technology.

Machinery and equipment for power distribution

BERTSCH Holding has remained a family firm since it was founded in 1925 and is one of the world’s leading providers of boiler and energy technology.

The Tyrolean firm, Ortner GesmbH (in German) is another company from this sector with a long tradition and is an expert partner for building services technology and plant engineering for HVAC, plumbing, industrial plants and environmental engineering. The range offered includes engineering, fitting and other services ranging from consultancy to planning, execution and maintenance.

URBAS Maschinenfabrik Gesellschaft m.b.H combines innovative technology and skilled workmanship in the field of energy technology and is one of the leading providers of biomass heat plants that produce hot water, steam and electricity.

Bilfinger MCE GmbH from Linz produces customised, high-quality components for power plants. Bilfinger Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in individual and small series production for gas, water and steam turbines.

Testing and measurement technology

Viennese company Grabner Instruments Messtechnik GmbH is one of the world’s leading producers of automatic testing technology for the quality control of crude oil products. The innovative, fully-automated and portable analyzers for fuels and oils can be used both in laboratories and for fast testing in the field.

With the aim of increasing safety and cutting costs for its customers, the Linz-based Phenomatics Virtual Reality Software GmbH has developed software for virtual visits to refineries and for simulating errors and accidents.