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The health and medical technology industries are particularly dynamic economic sectors. Across Europe, almost ten percent of all staff are employed in these industries. Austrian companies are represented on the international market with medical technology, pharmaceuticals and basic medical supplies, in addition to know-how, engineering and services. In an industry characterised by specialisation and innovation, customers from across the globe profit from the expertise and research of their Austrian partners. But Austria is also becoming increasingly sought after for health services, including operations, rehabilitation services, preventive medicine and wellness.


Medicine with a long history and a bright future

Austria has a tradition of innovation and invention in health and medical technology stretching back centuries. In the 18th century, medical training was revolutionised in Vienna with the development of the Vienna Medical Schools, which set the highest medical standards of their time.

This tradition goes on. Austrian healthcare today is among the best in the world. Be it laboratory technology, life sciences, hospital services or those in the medical wellness segment - Austrian companies deliver the highest levels of innovation for markets across the world.

Laboratory medicine and medical technology

Export-oriented Austrian companies involved in laboratory medicine and medical technology include the following:

  • Manufacturers of systems materials in the field of clinical diagnostics
  • Technology leaders in diagnostic imaging and ultrasound
  • Producers of high-tech prostheses
  • Specialists in computer-supported psychological diagnosis

All of these companies offer services incorporating state-of-the-art technology and are specialised in the development of more innovative, efficient products to ensure optimum patient care. Doctors in many countries worldwide rely on the quality of laboratory medicine and medical technology from Austria.

Medical consultancy services for the whole world

Austrian companies are involved in planning, building and operating hospitals outside Austria. These include the planning, construction and operations of turnkey medical facilities, as well as companies which offer expertise in diagnostics, therapy, care and the realisation of extremely complex technology projects in the healthcare industry.

Medical treatments and Wellness

Years of tradition have brought Austrian doctors together with patients from the whole world. Many patients from the Middle East, as well as eastern and south-eastern Europe, have taken advantage of the exceptional medical facilities and first-class doctors, before spreading the good image of the Austrian healthcare system back in their home countries.

Wellness = Health

The medical industry of the future includes facilities for preventive medicine and wellness. With its thermal baths and health spas, Austria is among the world’s most important health destinations. From planning, realising and operating wellness and spa facilities through to the new construction of thermal baths – Austrian companies have successfully exported their expertise in this sector.

The exclusive and varied range of rehabilitation facilities, thermal baths, spas and wellness complexes are being increasingly frequented by foreign visitors. Here you can find out more about Wellness in Austria .

Concentrated Expertise

Life Sciences are among the most innovative fields of research. At their core is the application of scientific knowledge from biotechnology, gene technology and medical technology with a view to incorporating the demands of the market economy. An important initiative for supporting life sciences has been set up in Austria: the K_ind/K_net competence centres.

Top performance in research and development and the transfer of application-oriented technological advances are guaranteed by the bundling of competencies at multiple locations across Austria and through the financing that comes from both the public and private sectors.


There are more than 100 special companies in Austria who carry out research in the field of biotechnology. Numerous biotechnology - in particular human medicine-related - patents from Austria are a testament to the dynamism of this field and its economic significance.

Some features of Austria include the concentration and close cooperation of research and development facilities, highly-qualified staff in the research companies and an exceptionally favourable environment for product marketing and distribution. This means that international customers are also able to profit from Austrian biotechnology companies.


Pharmaceutical companies with worldwide operations value Austria as a location for research, production and company headquarters. The good environment and highly-qualified specialists in Austria are two important factors in the success of the industry.

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