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Connecting Nigerians

By providing 200,000 users in Lagos daily with high-speed internet, Loop21 Mobile Net have played their part in boosting the West African IT-sector.

Loop21 Mobile Net started a large-scale consulting project in 2010 with the aim of setting up an area-wide Wi-Fi access network in a commercial district of Lagos, the so-called “Computer Village”. The scope of the project encompassed planning, installation, employee training, operation and monitoring of the Wi-Fi network in the “Computer Village” and several other hotspots in Sub-Sahara Africa’s biggest city.

In cooperation with a local internet provider, a one-stop hotspot solution was developed, covering an area of 1 km2 and providing about 200,000 potential users daily with a high-band width internet connection. Access to the network is granted via pre-paid vouchers that can be purchased in local shops within the Wi-Fi zone. In a second phase, the network will now be expanded to an even larger area.

The network is being centrally operated by Loop21 Mobile Net in its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Loop21 began its operation as a small start-up company in the late 1990s and is now providing solutions for the wireless internet sector in Austria and several other countries.