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Austrian IT and communications technology is an industry made up of specialists. They provide customised solutions to customers from all over the world. From IT consulting on specialised hardware solutions to computer-controlled plants for manufacturing, right through to comprehensive GIS applications and specialised telecoms technology, throughout the Austrian ICT industry you can find countless companies with exportable expertise.


Consulting, Software, Hardware

The good education system and research-friendly environment in Austria provide the best framework for a market of providers offering top software and hardware solutions. And this has a long tradition in Austria. The first computer in Europe to work entirely on transistors originated here, created in 1955 at Vienna Technical University by Heinz Zemanek and affectionately nicknamed “May breeze”.

ICT Hub - Austria

Vienna is one of Europe’s largest ICT locations and is considered the CEE capital of information technology. Numerous Austrian companies and multinationals have chosen Vienna as their headquarters for doing business in Central and Eastern Europe. Vienna IT Enterprises (VITE) was founded in 2004 as a network for IT companies, research and development firms and educational organisations.

The entire region around Vienna is considered one of the most attractive locations for doing business.VIENNA REGION Marketing GmbH offers help and support in start-ups and networking as well as subsidies and cooperation initiatives.ICT – Burgenland (in German) is based in the Eisenstadt Technology Centre and is the information and communication cluster for Burgenland.

There are also start-up centres, technology centres and technology parks for the ICT sector in the other federal provinces. This ensures that comprehensive service provision for IT companies is guaranteed across the whole of Austria.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber holds an annual E-Day (in German) , a platform for networking and sharing experiences on everyday issues and innovation in the ICT sector.

Expertise in Consulting

There is an array of companies in Austria offering IT consultancy, special and complete solutions and IT services of every kind. The services on offer range from consulting to process optimisation right through to infrastructure consulting.

Providers such as S&T Austria support medium and large enterprises across the entire IT value chain. There are also highly specialised IT advisors in Austria who offer detailed, industry-specific consulting services. Their exceptional expertise and market knowledge have secured the reputation of Austria’s IT consultants as highly desirable partners to companies at home and abroad.

You can find details on Austrian IT consulting at "Consulting and Engineering" .

Software from Specialists

Software from Austria is used all over the world. The palette ranges from software for hospitals to managing water treatment plants for the industrial sector.

celum GmbH develops DMS (Document Management System) software for the efficient administration of data such as images, PDFs, videos and PowerPoint presentations. Exports account for over 80% of the company’s revenue, with customers from North America, South Africa and Eastern Europe and even further beyond.

RF-iT Solutions GmbH works in the area of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) software and services. The company is the market leader in the fashion and automotive segments.

BEKO Holding AG (in German) concentrates on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and is involved in the Green Energy sector with Smart-Metering and Smart-Grid solutions.

Founded in 1985 Software AG offers high-performance databases, Application Development Tools and integration technologies for companies worldwide from the fields of banking, insurance, trade and industry.

Part of the Austrian Novomatic Group, Greentube I.E.S. GmbH is a leading developer and provider of gaming solutions for the internet, mobile devices and iTV. One of the most successful and popular skill games from Greentube is the 3D “Ski Challenge”, a ski-racing game that has now won over more than 6 million fans.

Since the nineties update software AG has been providing customised, industry-focused solutions in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The company supports around 1,500 enterprises worldwide, has subsidiaries in Europe and the USA and sets new internationals standards in CRM systems. Industry-specific needs are met by update software that has pre-configured industry solutions for those working in life sciences, financial services, manufacturing and construction and supply.

eworx Network & Internet GmbH (in German) is one of Austria’s pioneers in E-Mail Marketing and has customers throughout the whole of Europe. Together with partners, eworx develops specialist E-Mail Marketing strategies from the concept through to technical implementation with mailworx.


There are many leading producers of specialised hardware solutions on the Austrian market for areas including:

  • Fire alarms, communication systems and security systems
  • Communication systems for the transport industry
  • Gauging stations for the agricultural industry

High-quality semiconductors for medical technology and the automotive industry are also produced in Austria.

All Austrian hardware producers are export-oriented and service-focused and compete successfully on the world markets. One example: Schrack Seconet AG , an Austrian high-tech company for fire-alarm, communication and security systems, is one of the leading international providers in this sector.

Digital Factory, Telematics, Geographic Information Systems

Synergies from digital models and efficient data management help to optimise complex processes. Telematics brings together telecommunication and IT to create innovative integrated applications, above all in the traffic and transport sector. And the Geographic Information Systems industry in Austria is steadily on the rise.

Digital Factory

Synergies from digital models and efficient data management help manufacturing companies to optimise complex processes. Austrian planning and simulation software for Digital Factory is applied in many different areas such as:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Plant construction and mechanical engineering

Above all, Digital Factory has gained a leading position in the automotive industry. Here the Digital Factory concept is no longer in the pilot phase, but is already successfully applied in everyday production. There is a wide range of software companies based in Austria which offer planning and simulation software for implementing the Digital Factory:
Companies such CSB Systems Austria , Data Systems Austria (in German) and HC Solutions (in German) offer innovative, industry-tailored software solutions for everything related to operative and strategic corporate management and supervision.

In recent years many important centres of excellence in the Digital Factory sector have sprung up. These include:


The core areas of telematics include computer networks, for example internet, telephone and mobile networks. There are successful Austrian companies working in these fields:

  • Transport telematics (ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems)
  • Facility Management
  • Service telematics(E-business, E-commerce, E-logistics, E-government)
  • Health and medicine telematics (E-health)
  • Education telematics (E-learning)
  • Security telematics

The company Kapsch is Austria’s leading systems integrator for state-of-the-art solutions in the telecommunications and network area and is a well-established provider of IT solutions. With the Kapsch telematics platform, Kapsch TrafficCom provides a range of solutions, such as generating real-time traffic data. These open systems enable road operators to cut costs, increase safety and improve operations and service.

Frequentis provides communication and information systems to customers worldwide, as well as supplementary products and services in the form of control centre solutions. The company is a leading supplier of safety-critical voice communications systems. Frequentis is the global market leader in air traffic control systems for civil air traffic management.

The Austrian Traffic Telematics Cluster (in German) was founded in 2003 as an association to promote telematics. Here Austrian partners from research, business and industry work together to develop and implement practical new technologies in the field of telematics systems for traffic management.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

In the relatively new field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Austria has developed into one of the world’s most advanced providers. GIS allows the

  • digital entry and revision
  • saving and reorganisation
  • modelling and analysis
  • alphanumeric and graphic tasks

of geographic data. Geographic Information Systems play an important role in many areas of data management as well as facilitating decision making.

The GIS-Cluster Salzburg (in German) promotes knowledge transfer between science and business through its work with SMEs and universities as well as non-university research facilities. Companies cooperating within the GIS Cluster offer a rich palette of services and comprehensive project expertise: 

  • Services in space and geographic data collection
  • Organisation of databases
  • Information analysis
  • Visualization
  • Communication

The size and extremely broad range of services make the GIS Cluster Salzburg unique on the world stage.

In addition, SMEs can receive scientific support from: