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Committed to a clean Slovakia

Founded in 1971, Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH delivers over 600 professional cleaning products, including dosing systems, non-contact dispensers, and products for cleaning and disinfection, for areas such as the laundry, washroom and kitchen, and for janitorial services.

In July 2002, Hagleitner opened a service centre in Bratislava, where 41 employees are currently working. A team of highly trained health advisers, technicians and delivery staff serve local customers.

Hagleitner’s entire product range is sold in Slovakia, with more than 600 products from the core competency areas of washroom hygiene, kitchen hygiene, laundry hygiene and sanitation objects. Hagleitner can cover the entire cleaning needs of a business with its products. The key customer segments in Slovakia are: 50% hospitality, 25% schools, 10% nursing homes and hospitals. The rest is covered by the commercial sector. Their best known customers are Tatry Mountain Resorts (with several hotels and ski resorts) and the Slovak Parliament.

As in Austria, and the other 55 countries it operates in, their slogan, ‘Innovative Hygiene’, guides the success of the business in Slovakia. Hagleitner are highly committed to Slovakia and, as evidence of this, they are building a new service centre, to be completed by March 2014.