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Facts and Figures

The consumer goods and lifestyle industry covers many different sectors. Here you can find some interesting information on the clothing industry and the consumer goods oriented sectors of the electrical and electronics industries and the chemical industry in Austria.

Clothing industry

Key data 2016 
Total revenue (in Euro)1 bn
Export quota70%

The most important export markets are Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Netherland, Spain and Russia.

Source: Association of the Austrian Textile, Clothing, Shoe and Leather Industry.

Electrical and electronics industries

Share of consumer goods oriented sectors on the total production value

Consumer electronics, watches and clocks0.5 % 0.5%
Lighting fixtures, lamps6.6 % 6.8%
Household appliances3.1 % 2.7%
Household appliances 2016in 1,000 EuroChange against previous year in %
Production value420,163-4.5 %
Total revenue669,159-7.7 %
Total order value
from abroad



-5.3 %
-4.1 %
Export quota61.6 %-
Lighting fixtures, lamps 2016in 1,000 EuroChange against previous year in %
Production value1,044,657+11.4 %
Total revenue1,520,870+16.1 %
Total order value
from abroad



+14.0 %
+12.9 %
Export quota86.6 %-

Total production value of the Austrian electrical and electronics industries 2016: EUR 15.32 bn

Source: Annual report 2016/2017. Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industries.

Chemical Industry

Share of detergents and cosmetics on the chemical industry‘s total production value 2016: 3.0%

Source: Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry, Annual Report 2016.

Source: Kosmetik transparent. Kosmetikmarkt 2016.
Cosmetics market in Austria 2016 
Total revenue (in Euro)1.6 bn
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