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Austria’s consumer goods manufacturers do not only supply the domestic market, they are renowned for their export expertise. When it comes to interior furnishings and decoration, lighting, textiles, porcelain, high quality wine glasses, crystal jewellery or games – products for end users all over the world come from Austria. And that’s not the whole story: behind many consumer and lifestyle products you will find Austrian design, machine and plant construction, engineering and testing technology from Austria.


Rich in tradition and yet focused on the future: consumer goods for the world market

Austrian producers of consumer and lifestyle products have a particularly well-developed feel for lifestyle changes and new trends in the important consumer segments. The range on offer not only includes several major world brands, but also high quality products made by small and medium enterprises with a long tradition that are sold on the global markets.

Austrian manufacturers do not only maintain the highest standards when producing classic lifestyle products, the same applies to every-day consumer goods and expendable products. Be they mass-market or luxury goods: products from Austria can always be trusted for their quality and reliability.

Jewellery and accessories

Jewellery and accessories from Austria have taken over the world. Exclusive crystal jewellery from Swarovski has proven that creative design and quality craftsmanship is the key to conquering international markets. On the one hand the company is a specialist in crystal components for the fashion industry as well as the lighting and interior design sectors. On the other, there are over 1,150 stores worldwide that sell jewellery and accessories from this Tyrolean company. Austria also produces gold and silver jewellery for the most discerning customers all over the world. Austrian manufacturer Hirsch produces high quality watch straps and has been the largest supplier to the luxury Swiss watch industry since 2003.

Eyewear from Austria is also exceptionally well represented on the global markets. The Linz-based company Silhouette International has 13 subsidiaries as well as distribution partners in over 100 countries. They make quality eyewear – including titanium frames – that has a loyal following all over the world.

Gift items, games, office supplies

Austria has something to offer consumer goods markets in every corner of the globe. The range is extremely diverse: from traditional snow globes to state-of-the-art gift articles embodying creative solutions, through to stamps from the world market leader. As you can see, consumer goods from Austria really stand out.

The Austrian games publishers and games manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of board games, card games and parlour games, both classic and new. One example is the Wiener Spielkartenfabrik Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne , founded in 1824, and today represented in over 60 countries with its games, puzzles and playing cards. Children’s toys from solid Austrian wood are in high demand in markets all over the world, as are the robust, child-friendly toys made of plastic and produced to the highest Austrian quality standards.

Turning to the office supplies segment, Austria has multiple companies who are at the very top of the international market. Paper and stamps produced in Austria are bought by consumers all over the world. Trodat GmbH from Wels in Upper Austria is the world market leader in self-inking stamps and laser engravers. As a pioneer in the stamp and marking industry, Trodat exports 98% of production to 160 countries.

Exclusive products with global demand

This name is synonymous with high quality wine glasses: Riedel Glas , quality products from a family-run company from Kufstein, Tyrol. Wine expert Robert Parker is also a Riedel enthusiast: “The finest wine glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel.”

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Chee-Yun, Barre Philips and many other top international musicians rely on quality strings from Austria: Thomastik-Infeld from Vienna has been producing top quality guitar, bass and violin strings since 1919.

Decorative and functional lighting from Austria

EGLO is one of the most successful providers of decorative lighting solutions for the home sector. EGLO has had an international presence since the mid-eighties. Today the high quality home lighting products are sold via more than 70 subsidiaries worldwide.

One company that has been setting new standards in the very finest handcrafted glassware since 1823 is J. & L. LOBMEYR GmbH : from drinking glasses to water jugs, vases and crystal chandeliers. The exclusive items from this Viennese firm can be seen in acclaimed opera houses, concert halls, museums and luxury hotels from Europe to Asia.

Bakalowits Licht Design GmbH first exported to America and Asia in 1885 and displayed its crystal chandeliers at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

XAL GmbH provides lighting and illumination systems for shops, offices, hotels and homes. Around 400 staff work on development, production and sales at 16 sites in 7 countries. The company has its headquarters in Graz, while the most important subsidiaries are in Munich, Zürich, London and New York.

The Austrian consumer goods industry then and now

Did you know that many products that make the lives of consumers all over the world easier and more beautiful can be traced back to the ingenuity of Austrian inventors? Josef Madersperger, for example, invented the sewing machine, while we have Peter Mitterhofer to thank for the typewriter and Peter Wilhelm Friedrich von Voigtländer who produced the first photographic portrait lens. Another inventor, Carl Auer von Welsbach, perfected the gas light and light bulb.

And today? There are now countless companies in Austria who work in the following sectors, providing individual solutions for the wide-ranging needs of the consumer goods industry: 

  • Consulting and engineering
  • Machinery
  • Equipment and tools
  • Design

Individual solutions

Both major industry players and specialists in consumer goods production can find exactly what they are looking for in Austria. From consulting services to special tools, from assembly lines as a system solution through to product design for the top market segments: you can always find an expert, export-oriented provider for all services related to consumer goods production.

For example, casinos in over 60 countries utilise the equipment and expertise of the Austrian company Novomatic . This is the industry leader and in addition to running international betting agencies they also offer customers comprehensive casino management.

Offering complete packages for producing opera and theatre productions, Austrian firm ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH is a trusted partner to some of the best venues in the world. Their reference list includes the Metropolitan Opera New York, the Theatre des Champs Elysées Paris and Hyogo Art Performing Centre Japan.

Product design

The development in Austria in recent years towards perfect, contemporary industrial and product design has led to the creation of numerous companies who are successfully involved in the marketing factor “design”. The success of their services in product design is not only underlined by pleasing client revenue figures, but also the international design prizes they have won.

Cosmetics is a sector where packaging can make all the difference to the success of a product, hence the success of ALPLA WERKE Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG . The company offers great technological opportunities for cutting-edge realisation of innovative products and is a market and technology leader in the plastics packaging sector.

MARETO Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH based in Parndorf in Burgenland, supplies lipsticks, lipcare sticks and plastic tubes for some of the largest players in the cosmetics industry and has an export rate of 99%.

New markets

The small domestic market makes it particularly important for Austrian companies to tap into new target groups. This experience flows into the export ability of Austrian businesses. Whether it’s technical design for “silver agers” or the perfect product for end users in booming markets: Austrian companies are the ideal partners for opening up new markets.