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‘The aim of standardisation is to free man from routine work which represents an abuse of human thinking power.’ That quotation of Prof. Dr. Eugen Wüster (1898-1977) succinctly expresses that, ideally, standardisation lays the foundation for creativity. When the basic framework is well defined, the mind is free for visionary plans and projects.


With regard to architecture, the top priority of people living and working in the environment created by architects is that they feel good and safe: Safety already begins with urban planning, which also includes measures of crime prevention, and our wellbeing is enhanced, for example, by indoor plants. For complex indoor greenery systems and roof gardens, specific ON Rules exist in Austria.


International trends, such as the ‘Design for All’ concept, have impacts on products and services. Buildings, apartments, streets, exhibits, websites, information, orientation and guiding systems, devices, products and much more should be usable or accessible for all people. These aspects are also dealt with in guidelines and standards, and in Austria, even in a special series of standards. Graphical symbols to be used in public areas are developed on the basis of standardised guidelines.

Multimedia, Music Industry, Film Industry

Multimedia has become a matter of course in our everyday life. Harmonised terminology, ergonomics, software and hardware - standards come into play to ensure compatibility everywhere. When you listen to music, standards safeguard behind the scenes that the interfaces work, acoustic emissions stay sound and artists get their dues.

Art and the Art Market

Accomplishing cultural achievements is one aspect, while conserving those treasures for posterity is a different thing. Several European standards are in preparation on the preservation of the cultural heritage. Standards can also make works of art accessible, for example through transliteration into other languages.

Advertising and PR

As more and more advertising campaigns cover several countries, it is important for publishers and agencies to be able to rely on comparable results. These can be achieved on the basis of harmonised rules for the analysis of print media.

For further details and information on current developments, please see the thematic portal "Culture: Creative Industry" on the Website of the Austrian Standards Institute.