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One in ten companies in Austria is part of the creative industry. Architecture, multimedia, design, film, music and other creative sectors are key contributors to the Austrian economy. Tradition and innovation combine together perfectly to form a segment with huge growth potential. The past and the present of this industry show that the products and services of the Austrian creative industry are internationally competitive.

Success with a long tradition and a bright future

Many creative industry sectors in Austria have a long tradition of success. The creative economy players in Austria follow in the footsteps of these success stories, acting as imaginative and innovative business partners who offer services at the highest level. The balance between marketable services and original artistic flair has secured the success of the Austrian creative industry and steady export growth.

Be it design, architecture or computer art – Austria is a great country for the creative industries. Find out more by listening to an audio stream: Creative Industries [mp3, 846.6kb]

Creativity as an economic factor

The term 'creative industry' is applied to areas which have been important contributors to Austria's standing as a cultural nation for many years:

Creative Industry describes the economic significance of creativity and innovation for the knowledge economies of the future. The companies from the Austrian creative industry are dynamic and flexible. Their products are produced in network structures, supported by the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Competence and Synergy

Austria offers a wide range of education and training opportunities to artists and creative talents of all disciplines. The

  • renowned universities
  • private universities and conservatoriums and
  • "Fachhochschulen" - universities of applied arts and sciences

secure Austria's future prospects in the creative industry and lay the foundation for successful industry exports.

Targeted subsidies optimise the economic conditions for Austrian creativity and international activities are given extensive support. The companies from the Austrian creative industry are reliable business partners in a market with a promising future.