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A perfect fit for the Middle East

The international Erne Group, which is based in Schlins, has acquired the 50% shareholding of its former joint venture partner in Erne Fittings Middle East co. ltd., making it the sole owner of the manufacturing site in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Erne Fittings Middle East co. ltd., which is based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, is one of four manufacturing sites for butt-weld fittings in the Erne Group. The state-of-the-art plant serves the company’s key markets in the Middle East. In this economic area, which is strongly influenced by the oil industry, Erne Fittings is the only local manufacturer of high-end butt-weld fittings. It took over the shares of its former joint venture partner, Mada Company for Industrial & Commercial Investments, for strategic and sales-based reasons.

Erne Fittings is a world-leading premium supplier of pipe components such as pipe elbows, tees and reducers for the approved market. The main uses of butt-weld fittings are in power plant construction, as well as refineries, industrial facilities and pipelines. They also have numerous other sophisticated uses in steel pipe construction. Thanks to its subsidiary ELB-Form in Vandans, the international company group also supplies to the automotive industry.