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Apple juice concentrate with Austrian quality standards produced in Western China

Having established a factory in Shaanxi province, AGRANA is one of the first foreign companies with production facilities in the heart of China.

Since 1999, AGRANA has been present in China. In their Dachang factory (Hebei province), they conduct fruit preparation for further processing (e.g. in yoghurt). In 2006, AGRANA invested in an apple juice concentrate factory based in Shaanxi province, acquiring complete ownership in 2011.

Today, China produces about two-thirds of the apple crop worldwide and is the world’s largest manufacturer for apple juice concentrate. Depending on the harvest, their production volume lies between 500,000 and 600,000 tons per year, of which 80 to 85% are being exported.

Shaanxi province, home to AGRANA’s juice concentrate factory, is the largest province - in terms of quantity and territory - for apple-growing in China. During production season, the factory processes about 1,000 tons of apples to juice concentrate every day. AGRANA’s move into Shaanxi not only depicts a major achievement for AGRANA, but also constitutes a significant contribution to the economic development of Western China.