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Top quality protective clothing, special vehicles, equipment for firefighters and the police, fire alarm systems: products from Austrian companies in the safety and security industry are used all over the world. Their exceptional technical know how and willingness to collaborate closely with customers have turned Austrian safety technology providers into market leaders in many areas. Austrian companies also have a lot to offer when it comes to electronic security – the country is at the European forefront of E-Government.


Building technology and security

Austrian providers offer custom-made solutions in the fields of building technology and security, fulfilling the highest technical specifications and security demands. The product range includes:

  • Security systems,
  • Fire doors,
  • Alarm systems and
  • Fire proof installations

Building Control Systems

Hereschwerke Holding GmbH has a long history of expertise in electricity and energy, as it was founded in 1889. Today the company specialises in automated solutions for building control systems.

Security Systems

Schrack Seconet is a high-tech Austrian company for fire alarm, communications and security systems. It is among the world’s leading providers in these markets and stands as an example of dedication to research and development, which Austrian providers in the security sector are known for.

Products on offer include:

  • Alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire prevention technology
  • Intruder alarms
  • Security systems
  • Security technology
  • Entrance surveillance systems

Extinguishing Equipment

As well as fire protection systems and fire alarm technology, extinguishing equipment from Austria is also available on the world market. In addition to stationary extinguishing systems, Accuro offers special solutions for early-warning fire-detection as well as automatic fire-extinguishing systems. These include:

  • Powder extinguishing systems
  • Kitchen fire protection
  • Spark-quenching installation
  • Spark detection systems
  • Spark alarms
  • Anti-explosion protection

Protective Clothing

In many cases, it is only the correct protective clothing that guarantees safety in the workplace. Protective clothing from Austria meets the highest quality demands and is certified to comply with international standards.

Firms like Texport , Eska and Pfanner Schutzbekleidung are export-oriented Austrian suppliers of clothing made of high quality, proven material. Among their products they offer

  • Fire fighting-protection clothing
  • Protective clothing for forestry workers
  • Highly visible signal protection clothing
  • Cold protection clothing
  • Work and safety shoes
  • Underwear for protection from heat and flames
  • Head and face protection
  • Assembly gloves

These companies represent a multitude of Austrian businesses, which are internationally successful thanks to their many years of experience, know-how and first class service.

Equipment for Police, Fire Brigade and Military

Austrian companies manufacture top of the range products such as vehicles and fittings that meet the requirements of the police, security services, fire brigade and the military. These providers have exceptional technical know-how, they are innovative and have experience of both world markets and international standards and regulations.

Fire Engines and Equipment

The company Rosenbauer International based in Leonding, is one of the largest manufacturers of fire engines worldwide. The company generates 89% of its turnover in export markets. AT-class fire engines, airport and industry vehicles as well as extinguishing systems are all part of what Rosenbauer International has to offer.

A. Haberkorn & CO. GmbH is active in the area of equipment for fire fighters. They deliver, among other things:

  • Hoses
  • Personal safety equipment related to falls (safety harnesses, safety belts, lifebelts etc.)
  • Harnesses for fire fighters and the military

Quality for Police and Military

Glock pistols are in use by police, special forces, security services and military personnel all over the world.

Security in the Electronic Age

Austria is the European leader in E-Government, government conducted by the most efficient electronic means. Data protection and computer security play an essential role in this area. Innovative Austrian companies provide the necessary infrastructure with the most sophisticated security systems, and generate high export revenues.

Secure Payment and Identification

Austria Card specialises in the development and production of chip cards as the basis for electronic payments and identification. This includes made-to-measure solutions for e-payments and digital signatures.

The company Mils Elektronik offers encryption techniques for information and data exchanges. The company focuses on the most advanced cryptography practices and with its MilsCard, provides a hardware module for data protection.