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Facts and Figures

The safety and security industry encompasses many areas. Among the most important are the Austrian electrical and electronics industries and the textile and clothing industries. Another sector in which security plays a key role is E-Government. Here you can find some interesting industry data.

Electrical and electronics industry

Key figures on the Austrian electrical and electronics industry 2014

Source: annual report of the electrical and electronics industry 2014/2015
Production revenueapprox EUR 12.7 bn
Export rate  80.3 %
Exports15.1 Mrd. EUR

Textile and clothing industries 

  • Export revenue for the clothing industry 2014: EUR 2.2 bn
  • Export growth for workwear and protective clothing 2014: 5 %
  • Share of technical textiles of the total turnover in the textile industry 2014: 51 %
  • Annual sales of technical textiles 2014: 1.2 bn. EUR

Source: Association of Textile, Fashion, Shoe and Leather Industry


  • The online maturity stage of Austrian basic services stands at 99%.
  • With more than 90% of services online and over 80% of online developments complete, Austria’s position as a leader in this field is secure.
  • More than 90% of Austrian companies are already making use of public sector E-Government services.
  • Recent surveys in 2015 showed that 82,1% of households in Austria have a computer and 82,4% have internet access.

Source: Platform: Digital Austria; Statistics Austria. Information technology.