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Facts and Figures

Tourism and leisure industry play a major role in Austria’s economy. Find here some selected data on tourism, sports and leisure industry.

Tourism and leisure industry in Austria

Source: Statistics Austria, Tourism
Tourism data 2016
Arrivals41.5 m
Overnights140.9 m
Tourism income from foreign guests (in Euro)19.0 bn
Tourism income from domestic guests (in Euro)21 bn
Average duration of stay (overnights)3.4

Direct and indirect value creation from the tourism and leisure industry 2016: EUR 56.46 bn (= 16.1% of GDP)

Tourism revenues per capita in Austria 2015: EUR 1,886.44

Source: WKO-Division Tourism and Leisure Industry. Tourism and Leisure Industry – Facts and Figures, 2017.

Sport industry in Austria

According to a study by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber one out of ten jobs in Austria is sport-related.

Source: SportAustria-DATENVADEMECUM. Federal Ministry of Sport, SpEA SportsEconAustria Edition 8/January 2016
Sport defined in economic termsPersons employed*)Gross value added in EUR million
Statistical definition: sporting activities (including the operation of sports facilities and other services)approx. 26,701(0.6%)approx. 1,299 
Narrow definition: All activities which are inputs to sport (i.e. all goods and services necessary for doing sport (trade and production of sporting goods) plus the Statistical Definitionapprox. 139,457(3.3%)approx. 6,947 
Broad definition: All activities which require sport as an input (i.e. all goods and services related to a sport activity but without being necessary for doing sport) plus the Narrow Definitionapprox. 333,765(7.8%)approx. 17,063

*) Number of persons employed in Austria‘s sport-related economy and their share in the working population in %


The global market for alpine skis and cross-country skis are levelling off at 3 million (alpine) and 1.6 million (cross-country) respectively. Remarkable 50% are allotted to Austrian ski brands. The export quota is over 80%.

Source: Annual Report of the Austrian Wood Industries 2017

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