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The Austrian transport and logistics industry is internationally successful. Cable cars, rolling stock and services in this area are provided by highly specialised and export-oriented producers. There are also Austrian providers of signalisation systems, traffic control systems and other technical equipment, who deliver high quality, reliable products. The Austrian service providers in the transport and logistics industry are customer oriented and have many years of experience meeting demanding challenges in freight and haulier services.


Transport systems driving economic success

Austrian companies are at the forefront of the world market in cable cars and lift construction as well as rolling stock. Investing in research and optimising production processes is how Austrian companies respond and foresee the continuingly increasing standards in the areas of transport and mobility. Safer techniques, innovative design, and efficient production are characteristic of transportation “Made in Austria ”, a brand which guarantees success for our customers.

Cable cars and lifts

Doppelmayr Gruppe is a cable car engineering firm operating worldwide. Customers in approx. 90 countries rely on the performance of the passenger transportation systems in tourist areas and public transport systems for urban use.

In 1956, CARVATECH Karosserie- und Kabinenbau GmbH began making cable car cabins. Today the company focuses on producing well-designed means of operating cable car vehicles, and manufacturing body-work for fire engines and special purpose vehicles.

Rolling Stock and Engines

Austrian companies are active in engine, wagon and undercarriage production. For example Siemens AG Österreich Mobility Divison , based in Graz, Styria, delivers undercarriages for rolling stock across the whole world.

From Siemens AG Österreich Mobility Division in Vienna come well engineered and reliable

  • local transport trains,
  • carriages for long distance travel and
  • trams.

Also in the area of mechanised track construction and as a suppliers of turnouts, tracks and signal systems, you will find in Austria producers who are world-market leaders and your ideal project partners for any technology related to this climate-friendly means of transportation.

In mechanised track construction, the firm Plasser & Theurer has a pioneering role: in 1953 they developed the world’s first hydraulic tamping machine, and made the first step towards the mechanisation of track construction. The company today prepares solutions in line with any economic, efficiency, ergonomic and environmental requirements. Included in their services are:

  • Stabilising and Consolidating Machines
  • Machines for Track Renewal and Track Laying
  • Machines for Switch Renewal and Switch Laying
  • Machines for Renewal and Installation of Catenary Wires
  • Recording cars

Rail Technology Cluster Austria (RTCA) is a platform which supports the development of technological advances and the service provision for its members. The RTCA strengthens the position of Austrian railroad companies on the international markets.

Water Vehicles and Aircraft

In Austria you will find yacht outfitters, producers of sail-yachts and motor gliders. Austrian companies are also excellent partners for the spacecraft and aircraft industries.

The firm F.LIST GMBH plans, project manages and completes ship installations for luxury yachts and cruise ships. As well as these demanding interiors, the company also manufactures light construction components for commercial flight carriers.

Diamond Aircraft Industries , with its headquarters and development department in Wiener Neustadt, is active worldwide as a manufacturer of glass and carbon-fibre composite aircraft. Innovative aircraft solutions for flying schools and private customers are the specialities of this company.

Suppliers, such as FACC or Isovolta , deliver composite materials, electric insulation and other elements for the interior equipment of aircraft.

Road Vehicles

Austria ’s automotive supplies industry and automotive production form a significant part of the economy with a high export percentage. As a result of the small internal market, companies must prove themselves with technologically high-value products for markets across the world.

The prominence of the suppliers has risen consistently in the past years. Austria ’s small to medium businesses show themselves to be suppliers with high technical competence and flexibility. The ARGE Automotive Zulieferindustrie combines the strengths of the Austrian automobile supply industry.

You can find more information here: Automotive industry

Traffic control, materials handling and Warehousing systems

The requirements of traffic, logistics and mobility are constantly on the increase. Austrian companies meet new tasks and provide competitive, sustainable solutions using their experience, innovation and know how; customers are then ready for future challenges.

Traffic Control and Security Systems

GESIG (Association of signal systems), founded 1964, encompasses the development, production, installation and servicing of

  • Traffic regulation systems
  • Traffic surveillance systems
  • Traffic control systems
  • Traffic monitoring and analysis systems

and exports these across the world.

The traffic technology group SWARCO offers a comprehensive program as a partner for traffic technology system solutions, from energy saving LED traffic lights, to traffic flow controls, through to traffic telematics software solutions. In addition SWARCO delivers retro reflective road marking systems and services in this area.

In the beginning of its company history, the firm Forster was synonymous with embossed signs. Today the company delivers among other things

  • Traffic technology
  • Tunnel apparatus
  • Control systems and
  • Noise protection.

Materials Handling Technology and Lifting Systems

The company Palfinger is a part of a multinational umbrella group based in Salzburg . The firm is among the leading international manufacturers of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems. The signature product is the Knickarmkran HGV. Additional products include:

  • Container handling systems
  • Timber cranes
  • Transportable forklifts
  • Tail lifts
  • Ariel work platforms on HGVs

The company Liebherr builds, among other things, special cranes for maritime cargo handling. This Austrian firm works with railed container bridges and reach stackers for large container ports.

Warehousing Systems

Austria also has providers of warehousing systems. LTW Intralogistics GmbH , for example, builds automated high bay warehousing systems, which guarantee exact processes even at 40 metre heights.

Transport and Logistics Services

In many industries, smooth transport and logistics processes are the key to success. There are scores of well-established internationally operating freighters and hauliers.


Austrian freighters have vehicle fleets that cover every transport need. For example Augustin Quehenberger Group Gmbh offers not only European services, but also commands a worldwide freight network.

Drautrans (in German) ,based in the border triangle between Italy, Slovenia and Austria, offers a range of services as well as conventional complete cargos and combined transport between Austria and Western Europe .


Many Austrian hauliers take on logistic planning and consultancy as well as complete logistic solutions for customers all over the world.

For example Schenker , one of the world leaders in logistic service providers, offers ground transport, air and sea freight as well as all related logistical services.

The main company branch of haulier Condor is HGV cargo transportation mainly to and from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia .