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Austrian firm monitors Ganga river contamination

By monitoring the Ganga river quality during the world’s largest religious gathering, s::can provides real time information about water quality and increases health and safety.

s::can is the world technology leader for submersible online UV-Vis spectrometer probes and provides monitoring systems and software for drinking-, environmental-, waste-, and industrial water applications. The Austrian company holds a network of over 40 partners worldwide.

The high contamination of India's rivers is alarming. However, due to many religious festivities and customs in the rivers, the motivation to monitor water quality is increasing and, simultaneously, the willingness to finance protective measures rises as well.
The Kumbh-Mela-Festival attracts millions of people every year to bathe in the Ganga river. Protecting the quality of the water in the river is of key importance to increase the health and safety of the pilgrims. 10 standalone remote water monitoring stations were positioned across the Ganges in order to measure the change of water quality across the basin. The stations run on solar power with efficient batteries which provide 3 days backup.

This year, right before the beginning of the festival, water quality could be increased by adding fresh water and the shutdown of tanneries. s::can's aim is to guarantee a better understanding of the contamination of the river by local industry and to protect the Indians that bathe in the Ganges river.