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Infrastructure and Environmental Protection for the City of Moscow

Since 1996, EVN has been handling major projects in Moscow in the form of BOOT models, which encompass the design, building, financing and operation of plants.

EVN has already implemented eight major projects for the City of Moscow. These include the sewage treatment plants at Southern Butowo for 250,000 inhabitants and Zelenograd for 370,000 inhabitants. The drinking water treatment plant of south-western Moscow produces drinking water for 1 million residents per day. A plant to produce sodium hypochlorite makes it unnecessary to manufacture hazardous chlorine gas.

The combined heat and power plants of Ljuberzy and Kurjanovo are used to generate electricity from the biogas of the two sewage plants. With its thermal waste utilisation plant, MSZ 3 EVN combines the destruction of pollutants with the harnessing of the energy trapped in the waste in order to generate electricity and district heating. In December 2009, EVN was granted a contract to build another thermal waste utilisation plant (MPZ1) which will have a throughput of 700,000 tons of garbage per year.

For all these plants, EVN has invested a total of €1.5 billion.

EVN offers state-of-the-art infrastructure in Austria as well as in 19 other countries in central, eastern and south-eastern Europe. In the environmental sector, EVN has already built over 100 plants for providing clean drinking water, proper sewage treatment and handling ecological waste treatment.