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Better technology in the fight against poverty

As part of its war on poverty, Laos wants to increase its agricultural productivity to two harvests a year, rather than just one. In order to achieve this socio-political and economical goal, the country's agricultural regions need to be watered efficiently. As for the technology required, this is where the Bauer Group from Voitsberg comes in.

The Ministry for Agriculture in Laos has been working together with Bauer since 2010. As a result, 1500 hectares of land are already being irrigated. In comparison to traditional flood irrigation, the technology from Bauer enables fields to not only be watered more frequently, but also more economically and more efficiently, both in terms of water and energy consumption. Thanks to the technology offered by Bauer, Laos is now several significant steps closer to its stated objective of increasing food production.

Bauer is the global market leader in irrigation systems. In many countries, agribusinesses have a long history of depending on the high quality, efficiency and reliability of this Austrian technology. More than 2.5 million hectares worldwide are irrigated by Bauer irrigation systems.