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All across the world the expansion of environmental technologies such as emission controls, energy saving technology or the waste management industry is becoming increasingly important for sustainable development. Environmental technology and renewable energy are set to become exceptionally fast-growing industries.


Environmental Technology Expertise

Austria plays a leading role in environmental technology in comparison to the rest of Europe. Many companies have recognised the market and export opportunities in this field. Technologies leading to cost-effective and climate-friendly energy production are highly significant to the Austrian economy.

Energy funds for a bright future

The Austrian Energy Fund is an important milestone is energy policy. 500 million euros go to support renewable energy, energy-efficient technologies and climate-friendly travel. Hydropower, solar power and innovative biomass technologies serve to protect the environment and ensure a stable power supply.

Economic power of environmental technology

Austria is in second place in the EU as regards the share of the eco-industry as a percentage of GDP. The Austrian environmental technology industry is showing particularly rapid growth and at the forefront of this trend is the solar power industry. Environmental technology in Austria generates a total of about 8.2 billion euros a year.

Innovative Technologies for Resource Efficiency

The share of renewable energy sources in Austria is higher than average. Austrian companies are rightly proud of their resource efficiency with regard to water, energy and waste recycling. Key technologies such as the use of biomass, water treatment or innovative sewage technologies are not only used in Austria. There is world-wide demand on the international markets for products and expertise to secure sustainable exploitation of resources.

Sun, Water, Air

Europe expects to see a boom in the use of solar energy in the coming years. The world's largest producer of flat panels - GrrenOneTec - is based in Austria. This company, along with several other Austrian companies, is well prepared for the increasing interest in their products. Even today more than 30% of solar panels on the European market come from Austria.

For solar electricity, Austrian products such as inverters and insulators of photovoltaic arrays are in high demand, thanks to the high standards of quality and innovation.

Austria has one of the largest natural water supplies in Europe and a central concern is to protect the water resources to ensure their benefits for generations to come. Austrian companies working in the field of industrial water treatment therefore offer a wide variety of services, also for export, such as

  • Filtration of particles from waste water
  • Ultra pure deionized water for the electronics, food, drinks and pharmaceutical industries
  • pH adjustment of acidity or alkalinity in waste water
  • Extraction of heavy metals

According to statistics from the Austrian Federal Environmental Agency, sulphur dioxide emissions in Austria have fallen by approx. 77% since 1990. This is just one of the positive effects of the measures to improve air quality, which are part of the commitment to an active climate policy and which give the Austrian environmental technology industry an important basis for innovation.

Biogas Potential

Austria enjoys wide expertise in the field of generating biogas and has about 300 biogas power plants, which are recognised as eco-power plants. The last years have marked huge progress in the treatment of biogas to achieve natural gas quality. 

Economic factor - waste

Around 800 operations are involved in waste collection and treatment in Austria. The industry plays a leading role on the world stage and offers all related services, such as

  • Collection
  • Treatment
  • Transport
  • Sorting
  • Disposal
  • Thermal recycling

Environmental Technology Machinery and Production Units

Companies from the Austrian machinery industry are successful exporters world-wide. The high technical standards and the know-how of the innovative machinery sector is highly prized and respected on the European and international markets.

Austrian providers do not only produce the machinery, but also deliver modules, tools and automation - guaranteeing customers the highest quality and productivity. Key success factors include a well-trained workforce, high quality standards and an established network with manufacturers in other countries.

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