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Facts and Figures

Get a brief overview of Austria’s packaging and printing industry with these facts and figures.


Source: PROPAK Products of Paper & Cardboard, Annual report 2014/2015
MaterialShare on total production in %, 2013
Paper, card, cardboard34.1

Paper, card and corrugated card packaging (2014)

With a value percentage of 47% packaging is by far the largest sector of the paper and board converting industry.

The amount of packaging recycled from paper, card and corrugated card reached 89%.

Source: PROPAK Products of Paper & Cardboard, Annual report 2014/2015

Plastics (2013)

Source: Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry - Plastics
Companies (plastics processing industry)550
Share of packaging on the total production of the plastics processing industry15 %
Production value of packaging within the plastics processing industry (in million Euro)931

Glass (2014)

Source: Assocation of the Austrian Glass Industry, Annual report 2014
Production value in million EUR1,244
Packaging glass production (in metric tons)421,238
Total selective glass collection for recycling (in metric tons)233,700
Recycling rate85 %

Printing (2014)

Source: KMU Forschung Austria. Economic report 2015, Printing
Printing presses1,504
Staff 8,500
Export quota16.8 %