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Customs Regulations

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Restrictions on importing alcohol and tobacco, with an overview of all customs regulations and amounts.

Entry to Austria from EU countries

(Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Irleand, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus and Croatia)

In general, customs checks are no longer carried out, although spot checks can occur at any time. On direct flights (no stopover in non-EU countries) from one EU country to another, EU travellers may use the blue exit. If the journey began outside the EU and only included a transit stop in an EU country, the regulations for non-EU countries apply.

Duty-free allowances to Austria from EU countries for personal use:







1 kg

Smoking tobacco

10 litres  


20 litres

Other alcoholic beverages than beer, sparkling wine or wine up to 22% volume

90 litres  

Wine (including a maximum of 60 litres sparkling wine)

110 litres  


Attention: For cigarettes that are brought into Austria in your luggage from Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania or Bulgaria, the tax-exempt quantity shall be 300 pieces as from 1 March 2014. You shall immediately declare (orally) any number of cigarettes in excess of this quantity at the customs office and pay tobacco duties.

Entry to Austria from non-EU Countries

When going through customs control, you must declare the following goods; in other words, you must submit a customs declaration for:

  • goods not intended for your personal use,
  • goods obtained outside the EU which exceed the duty-free amounts for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, medicinal products and the duty-free allowance for other goods.
  • goods that are subject to bans or restrictions on imports.

The following goods are duty-free when imported in your personal luggage for your own personal use or as a gift (traveller must be 17 years of age or older):

Tobacco products


Cigarettes or


Cigarillos or


Cigars or

250 grams

Smoking tobacco or a proportional combination of these goods

Alcoholic beverages

1 litre

Alcohol, distilled beverages and spirits with an alcohol content exceeding 22% vol. (volume percent), undenatured ethyl alcohol of 80% vol. and over or  

2 litres

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content not exceeding 22% vol., or a proportional combination of these goods and in addition

4 litres

non-sparkling wines as well as

16 litres



for your personal needs during the trip.  

Other goods  

with a cumulative value of EUR 430 for airline travellers or EUR 300 for all other travellers per calendar day. For travellers younger than 15 years those amounts are generally reduced to EUR 150. 

Import bans and restrictions also have to be considered when importing above mentioned duty-free goods.

Travelling Gear

Equipment for personal use during the stay may be brought into Austria without declarations or documentation. There are some exceptions e.g. new goods such as photographic equipment, where the receipt must be shown on request.

More information on travelling gear

Cash controls

All travellers entering or leaving the European Union with

  • EUR 10,000 or more in cash
  • or its equivalents in other currencies
  • or easily convertible assets (e. g. bonds, shares, traveller’s cheques…)

must declare the sum to Customs in order to comply with European Regulation (EC) No 1889/2005 in force since 15 June 2007. This initiative is introduced for the purposes to assist the efforts made at EU level to tackle crime and improve security by cracking down on money laundering, terrorism and criminality.

A multilingual leaflet [pdf, 2,525.0kb] provides information on the cash control rules applicable.