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Technology from Austria guarantees precise measurement


Innovative technology from Austrian company INRAS provides exact measurements and positioning data even in unfavourable environments.

The innovative radar technology from start-up INRAS – the name stands for “Industrial Radar Systems” – facilitates the exact positioning of people and machinery. The radar-based systems also function in places where laser technology falls short: in dirty environments, when there are strong vibrations or in bad weather conditions.

The design of the sensor equipment makes it easy to adapt, so that it can be adjusted for numerous industrial or logistics applications – from positioning construction machinery or storage robots right through to locating underground workers. The small devices contain neither mirrors, which gather dust, nor moveable parts, which can break.

The foundation of INRAS was laid at the Johannes-Kepler University in Linz. The company was then established in 2013 and the first applications are already on the market.

Radar technology has been a conventional feature of the aviation industry and the military for a long time, but now the systems have become far more compact, opening up a wide range of new application options. The next step for INRAS is to expand its range of measurement technology. The company is working on a system that combines two radar modules, allowing precise positioning at distances of multiple thousand metres.