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Tyrolia: global market leader for ski bindings


The Austrian bindings manufacturer enjoys international success with its high quality, cutting-edge bindings. The touring ski segment in particular is growing steadily and has developed into a lucrative niche.

HTM Sport GmbH has been the market leader in the Alpine ski binding sector for decades with its TYROLIA brand. TYROLIA’s high tech bindings are equally popular among competitive skiers and amateurs. People who ski for fun only buy their skis and bindings as a set, meaning that every major ski manufacturer has its own-brand bindings. This offers opportunities for TYROLIA: the Austrian specialist produces all of the bindings for its sister company Head. But all of Fischer and Elan’s ski bindings are also made by TYROLIA.

The international ski binding market currently involves 3.5 million pairs a year. As the global market leader, TYROLIA produces 1.1 million of these pairs. The market isn’t growing, but it is changing: 70% of all bindings in Austria and France already go to the ski rental business. What’s more, the trend is towards higher quality rental skis and therefore higher quality bindings. The touring ski segment is a fast-growing niche, where there is still market share to be gained. The global market for touring skis is estimated at around 250,000 pairs.

TYROLIA is synonymous with know-how and expertise from 80 years of producing ski bindings. One in three ski bindings designed, developed, produced and sold worldwide comes from TYROLIA. Exports account for 90% of revenue.