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Augarten Porcelain: every piece is a work of art


Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten is one of the few manufacturers in the world to make individual products on request.

Genuine and authentic handcrafting has become a mark of quality for people who are interested in art, design and decoration of the highest order. Vienna porcelain is renowned for its gentle, graceful form, the pureness of its lines and the exquisite attention to detail.

Founded in 1718, Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten is one of the oldest in Europe and produces and paints every single piece by hand. Augarten is known for creating unique porcelain objects with a lot of love, craftsmanship, and skills handed down through generations. The highest quality and perfect manufacture are always the foremost consideration.

Thanks to its longstanding traditions, Augarten can draw on a huge wealth of forms and patterns. The company uses patterns from the Vienna Jugendstil and Art Déco periods, as well as contemporary designs. There are around 25,000 products in the range, along with some designs which date back to 1744.

Exquisite Vienna porcelain is admired across the globe. Japan is a particularly important market, with a strong appreciation for high-quality porcelain. Even the Japanese royal family have porcelain from Augarten – including the MARIA THERESIA pattern. The popularity of porcelain has been growing in China and Russia, while the Arabic region is also becoming more important.