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Electric concert piano from Austria for Lady Gaga


After 300 years of piano-making, the time has come: the new Alpha piano marks a new milestone in the history of pianos from Austria.

A small Austrian company is working on the innovation which is set to be the concert highlight – the piano of the 21st century. ALPHA Pianos designs and sells electric musical instruments of the highest quality combined with unique technical features and exceptional design.

The appearance of the Alpha piano is unmistakeable. The cooperation with Porsche Design is a bold statement: the Alpha piano is groundbreaking – for its sound, which originates from the Bösendorfer grand piano – as well as for its technology and design. The “Made in Austria” digital instrument is identical to a traditional piano both in terms of sound and the way it feels to play. This was confirmed by virtuoso musicians like Chick Corea and Nigel Kennedy, who have played the prototypes. The Alpha piano has been on sale officially since April 2014.

Another innovation is the MPiano - a touch-sensitive keyboard with adjustable key characteristics, which should be presented in April this year. The “M” stands for mechatronic piano and caters to the many musicians who want an instrument which can be used in many different ways. Pop sensation Lady Gaga has already pre-ordered an MPiano.