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NASA award for Austrian provider of measurement systems


DEWETRON has managed to win the NASA Tech Briefs Product of the Year Award for the fourth time - this year with the brand-new TrendCorder.

NASA Tech Briefs is the official monthly journal of US space agency NASA. Its circulation of 200,000 makes it the USA’s most popular magazine for engineering and product development. An Austrian innovation has now been named Product of the Year 2014, namely the new TrendCorder by DEWETRON . The measurement technology specialist is the only company to have ever won the award four times.

The TrendCorder is an innovative, low-cost data acquisition instrument for long-term testing such as material production tests and life-cycle or bench tests for satellite components. It boasts a menu and navigation concept which has never been seen before on the market, making the complex device as intuitive to use as a smartphone App. In addition to the simple controls, the TrendCorder’s full benefits are clearly visible when viewing past data. It allows for data comparisons at the same time as live data is being recorded.

DEWETRON is an international provider of test and measurement equipment as well as customised measuring solutions in all R&D sectors. The company was founded in 1989 and has subsidiaries and distribution partners in over 25 countries.