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A US pharma company is counting on expertise from Austria


The research and development company CATRA is showcasing its international skill set and developing products for the Texan pharma company Evestra.

CATRA is an Austrian research and development company operating in the field of pharmaceutical and medical process and product development. Bespoke machinery is developed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Salzburg, while simulation-based methods using XPS® are tested at the Graz site to perfect products and processes in every sector, using all kinds of raw materials (powders, granulates and both liquid and gaseous substances).

CATRA’s innovative research projects are attracting attention from more and more firms from all over the world, including Evestra, a pharma company from the US state of Texas that specialises in ‘female health products’. Evestra is interested in developing innovative manufacturing processes for its products and testing these in practical situations. Instead of tasking a comparable research facility in the USA with the development work, the firm chose CATRA from Austria.

This trust in its innovative research solutions is proof of CATRA’s sound international reputation. The company is also enjoying success in Italy, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.