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REDWAVE High-tech waste processing and sorting plants for China


Recycable materials, power and heat are all reclaimed from domestic waste, and the largest facility for these purposes is being built for a client in China by the Austrian plant builders REDWAVE.

REDWAVE , a subsidiary of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH, is delivering a mechanical biological waste treatment plant to China. With an order value of some EUR 24 million, the plant represents the largest single contract awarded in the company’s history so far. The high-tech plant will go online in Shandong Province at the start of 2018 and will process approximately 1,800 tons of rubbish along two lines every day. The machinery used will include four sensor-equipped REDWAVE sorting machines to increase fuel yield efficiency during mechanical sorting. The facility’s annual capacity will be around 650,000 tons.

Domestic waste will first be biologically dried and then mechanically treated in the fully automated plant. Drying allows recyclable materials such as iron and non-ferrous metals to be reclaimed and inert waste products such as glass, stones and ceramics to be removed during mechanical processing. All the combustible elements, such as plastics, wood, cardboard, paper and organic matter, are processed to make fuel, which the client uses to generate power and heat in a fluidised bed combustion power station.

REDWAVE’s strategy of offering cutting-edge treatment and sorting technology in the same package has paid off. The company with facilities in Germany and the USA and an office in China exports more than 90% of its plants. Ultimately, the waste industry is increasingly developing into a resource management industry, with reclamation of commodities and recyclable materials from waste products also becoming ever more important.

In addition to producing sorting solutions for mixed waste, glass, plastics and paper, REDWAVE also builds high-tech facilities to sort metals and minerals. These machines are based on X-ray fluorescence technology (XRF) and are particularly well suited to recognising and separating materials by their elementary or chemical composition. REDWAVE is currently the market leader in the XRF sorting machinery sector.