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Austrian caterers provides Iranian rail travellers with a choice of fresh meals


The Austrian catering group DoN has teamed up with its Iranian joint venture partner company to open a gourmet kitchen with bakery in Tehran.

Working in conjunction with the largest private Iranian railway network, the Austrian catering group DoN has established the first Western catering company to be part of a joint venture in Iran. A ‘production plant’ has now also opened its doors in Tehran: a gourmet kitchen with its own bakery, in which Austrian and Iranian chefs will be preparing up to 40,000 meals per day over 6,000m² of floor space. Some EUR 4 million have been invested in the production system.

There is enormous potential for growth, however: the Austrians have been supplying the trains that serve the 700-km connection between Tehran and the pilgrimage town of Mashhad in the east of the country since last year, with some 120 staff employed by DoNA , the Austrian/Iranian joint venture, and development of its business divisions is planned over the middle term, with staff expansion to a strength of approximately 500 employees.

The DoN Group has been running restaurants, cafés, bars and catering services across Austria since 1992, with on-board catering in particular carving out a niche for itself as one of the group’s core competencies over the years. Donhauser won an award as Europe’s top railway caterer in 2011.