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Vibration protection from Austria for the Palace of Versailles


Just outside Paris, the Palace of Versailles was built some 350 years ago. Now, Austria’s Getzner Werkstoffe has fitted its top-floor auditorium with brand new anti-vibration protection.

Getzner Werkstoffe  has just successfully completed a major project in the historic Palace of Versailles. The company has fitted anti-vibration insulation to protect the areas surrounding the new auditorium from vibration and noise and to improve the acoustics in the performance space itself.

The pillars supporting the raked auditorium now stand on some 270 point bearings made from Sylodyn® und Sylomer®. A range of different materials and bearing types were used to ensure the soundproofing could be flexibly adapted to suit the varying conditions in the hall, delivering balanced acoustic levels wherever the soundproofing was fitted. Getzner was responsible for both supplying the materials and supervising the installation.

Getzner has been manufacturing materials used in insulation and isolation of vibrations and structural sounds since 1969, and is considered one of the leading firms in its field worldwide. The hi-tech materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn® are used in railway trackwork, flooring for buildings, mountings for machinery and in construction work. They extend the lifespan of the equipment mounted upon them by reducing vibration and noise, thereby minimising the amount of maintenance required for carriageways, vehicles, buildings and machinery.

In addition to its facilities in Austria and Germany, the company has branches in China, France, India, Japan, Jordan and the USA. Getzner also has sales and marketing partners in 35 countries worldwide.