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A speech/multimedia analysis tool from Austria is conquering the world


The Austrian IT company SAIL LABS sells media monitoring and evaluation software to public bodies and aid organisations.

SAIL LABS Technology is one of the world’s leading automatic speech recognition suppliers and provides software solutions for language and multimedia analysis. Its products make it possible to transcribe, index and visualise unstructured information from a range of different publicly accessible sources (TV, radio, internet, social media etc). It’s all completely automated and happens in real time, meaning that accessing and searching the data is easy.

SAIL LABS’ software gives users a really precise overview of media coverage of a particular event – an environmental disaster or political crisis, for example. Media in all languages can be searched, with the reports translated by the software and arranged chronologically, geographically or by content, before being displayed visually. Clients can then analyse and/or further process the data themselves.

SAIL LABS is working with the Austrian Red Cross on a research project to make further refinements to this technology as an analytical and prognostical tool. The most important clients for the Austrian company and its media-mining software are public bodies and authorities with responsibility for domestic and foreign security.

SAIL LABS was founded in 1999 but really made its mark 13 years ago with a major contract for the US Department of State. The Vienna IT firm now employs 22 staff and turns over more than EUR 5 million annually, recently signing a sales agreement in Johannesburg with GEW Technologies - a subsidiary of Airbus that also develops communications and security systems. The joint venture with GEW should open up major new markets for the company.