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Aerospace: TEST-FUCHS is taking care of safety all round the globe


The Austrian company is the global market leader for hi-tech test equipment in the international aviation and aerospace sector.

Planes can take to the skies safely thanks to the innovative hi-tech test systems manufactured by TEST-FUCHS . After all, each individual component has to be put through its paces before the aircraft is cleared for takeoff. But TEST-FUCHS does not just produce external, ground-based equipment for use in hydraulic, propellant, electrical, electronic or pneumatic systems – it now also manufactures ‘airborne components’ that help manage fuel, lubricating oil and pneumatic fluid systems for helicopters and planes. Even the European Ariane launch vehicles are equipped with valves made by TEST-FUCHS.

TEST-FUCHS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of test benches and inspection systems for the aviation and aerospace industries. The company manufactures test units for more than a hundred different types of plane and its clients include leading aircraft manufacturers and aerospace suppliers such as Boeing and Airbus, as well as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Air France.

The company’s export quota is some 95% and its principal markets are Germany, Spain, France and the UK. The Asian market, where Test-Fuchs has a subsidiary in Singapore, is showing particularly strong growth, and North America – home to a large number of aviation suppliers – also offers huge potential. TEST-FUCHS employs 430 staff and has an annual turnover of some EUR 50 million. A new engineering and development facility in Vienna is set to help the company grow further, and the administration and logistics centres at the company’s headquarters in Gross-Sieghardts are also being expanded.