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Animal health monitoring from Austria


smaXtec is the first ‘inside monitoring system’ to permanently monitor the oestrus, health and feeding requirements of agricultural livestock.

New technologies are playing an increasingly important role in agriculture, and an Austrian ‘hidden champion’ is making waves worldwide with an innovative animal health monitoring system. Thanks to sensor specialists smaXtec , it has never been easier to monitor the health of a herd or the fertility of individual animals with such speed and accuracy. The system also helps to optimise feeding, boost milk yield and reduce medication and/or treatment costs.

smaXtec is the global market leader in recording physical data from dairy cows. The sensor specialists provide their customers with a unique, all-in-one monitoring system that makes it possible to evaluate, diagnose and react selectively to a range of physical data in real time, with the data monitoring taking place within the animal.

The Austrian company was quick to recognise that the rumen is the most reliable site for continuous recording of high-quality data. smaXtec provides a system that displays motion activity, temperature and rumen pH levels at a glance. The health and fertility data captured in the rumen is transmitted wirelessly and can be viewed over wifi on a computer or smartphone.

This exceptional ‘inside technology’ makes the smaXtec system a practical complete solution for dairy herds of all sizes, and it is already available in some 30 countries.