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TONDACH: Roof tiles from Austria for the Sochi Olympic city

Logo © TONDACH Gleinstätten AG

© TONDACH Gleinstätten AG


TONDACH managed to see off strong international competition and win the exclusive order to supply roofing products for the large construction site in Sochi. The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in this city on the Black Sea.

The company TONDACH Gleinstätten AG has always been committed to high product quality, specialist expertise and comprehensive service. The firm spent around 6 months developing the roof area of the Gornaja Carousel sport and tourism complex using a total of 6 different colours and designs for the surface before it received the order for the project. Gornaja Carousel is one of the largest design projects in the mountain region of Krasnaja Poliana to be developed as part of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The roof area measures around 160,000m² - equivalent to the roofs of 9,000 homes – and will be covered in TONDACH products. The order for the Gornaja Carousel is worth around EUR 2.5 million. Work is already well underway and the first supplies will be delivered in 2011.

TONDACH is the leading provider of clay roof tiles in Central and Eastern Europe and has 34 plants in 11 countries. In 2010 the company generated turnover of around EUR 181 million with around 2,400 staff.