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Sharp export rise for Austrian products to Iceland in 2011

2. February 2012

From January to September 2011 Austrian exports to Iceland rose by 151% to 19.453 Mio. Euro.

Especially aluminum processing companies and providers of niche products as well as interior products were successful exporters to Iceland. While the imports from Iceland have declined with about -10,1% in that period, the following Austrian product groups had a strong export track record:

  • Electrical machinery and equipment + 511,6%
  • Aluminum and articles thereof +1690,9%
  • Furniture, bedding, lighting fittings, prefabricated buildings +118%

The track record of those three groups was already very positive in the last years and now declined again in 2011. Notably providers of sugar confectionery, mineral water, beer and wine as well as clothing had an excellent year.

On the import side from Iceland to Austria a cutback was documented in the periode from January to September 2011. The export volume of the following product groups expanded in the time period:

  • Passenger cars +30,4%
  • Optical & photographic equipment, measuring & testing instruments +283,3%
  • Furniture, bedding, lighting fittings, prefabricated buildings +25,2%

While some niche products gained strengths, other top-selling product groups were confronted with setbacks:

  • Pharmaceutical products -70,8%
  • Unknitted or crocheted clothing -90,5%
  • Aluminum and articles thereof -18,8%

The final numbers of the foreign trade statistics 2011 for Austria and Iceland will be released in April 2012. At that point a more comprehensive analysis will be published on the homepage.