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Oregano Systems: high-tech from Austria for the whole world

25. June 2015

Starting out as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Technology, Oregano Systems has become an innovative IT company with strong exports. 

If the machines in a factory are working in tandem to a millionth of a second, you can be sure that elements from Oregano Systems are playing a role. The innovative Viennese company is also involved in computer-controlled financial transactions.

The Austrian IT firm specialises in design and consulting for industrial electronics. The range of application options for the solutions conceived in Vienna is extremely broad: special cameras for monitoring the quality of bank notes in central banks, electronic components for intercom systems on roadside emergency telephones or chips for the automotive sector.

Oregano Systems was founded in 2000 as the spin-off of a working group at the Institute for Industrial Electronics and Material Sciences of the Vienna University of Technology. Oregano Systems currently has 12 employees and exports account for 80% of revenue. The company has a presence in the EU, the USA and Canada and has this year added India, Japan and South Korea.