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SWARCO in the fast lane

3. September 2015

The Austrian traffic technology company and world market leader in traffic lights is undergoing rapid growth and planning further takeovers.

The global boom in traffic management solutions in urban areas has been of particular benefit to the SWARCO Group . Last year around 2,770 employees generated a revenue of EUR 509m (+13%). And all signs are pointing to expansion - also thanks to the increasingly complex traffic networks - with revenue of EUR 540m already forecast for this year.

One of the places SWARCO has set its sights on is the USA, where it sees promising opportunities in intelligent traffic management. Last year SWARCO acquired the British APT Group, which is active in the field of parking access controls, payment systems and charging electric vehicles. SWARCO has pinpointed a trend in prioritising public transport and integrating crossroads into networks. The use of LED technology for street lighting and signalling technology should also drive growth.

SWARCO produces around 500,000 elements for traffic lights annually, making it one of the world leaders in this field. As the global number two in producing glass beads, which are used e.g. as reflective elements in road markings, SWARCO is also at the top of this sector. The total capacity is 80,000 tonnes, produced in Austria, Germany, the USA and Saudi Arabia. Additional business fields include street lighting, signalling and traffic management.

The SWARCO Group now operates in 24 countries and encompasses over 80 companies. They see growth opportunities in Eastern Europe, with an additional focus on China, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Africa and the Middle East. However, the most important market continues to be Germany.