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Jordanian Company Wins “Energy Globe” Award for the Second Time

9. August 2015

The Jordanian company Millennium Energy Industries was awarded the Energy Globe award for a project implemented in Cyprus. The Austrian Commercial Counsellor, Ms. Isabel Schmiedbauer handed the award over to Mr. Hisham Mikhi, GM of Millennium Industries.

The Jordanian company installed a 0,5 MW pilot solar plant in the oldest copper mine of the world in Cyprus, in order to heat a chemical solution used to separate the copper from ore. This pilot project is a major breakthrough as it is the first time that this type of technology is used in mining. 

The system saves the equivalent of 138,000 liters of diesel per year which is 367 tons of CO2. Over the system’s lifetime of 25 years this amounts 9.175 tons of CO2. It also increases the yield of copper by 7% and shortens the time needed for the process by 70%. Economically speaking, the mining company has savings of approx. 150,000 Euros a year due to this new system.

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