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IGEM 2012

10. October 2012 - 13. October 2012
Kuala Lumpur

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10. October 2012 - 13. October 2012Z.13;Z.29IGEM 2012 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 2

Austria @ IGEM 2012

Austria is at the forefront of a wide range of technologies that are addressing the need to protect the environment and help us all be sustainable. As the demand for energy continues to grow and fossil fuels are depleting fast, the energy industry has to rethink its policies and act accordingly. Austrian companies continue to create world class sustainable solutions – from hydroelectric to solar power, wind and biomass.

Advantage Austria together with eight Austrian companies will be showcasing the latest technologies at IGEM 2012.

Visit us at the Austrian Pavilion in Hall 2 (B 242 – B 246, B 251 – B 255). We look forward to meeting you!