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Austria @ Archidex 2011 Strong presence as a country partner  

Archidex 2011
1. July 2011

This year Austria is again country partner at Archidex 2011 - a strong signal of the Austrian interiors industry. AdvantageAustria is proud to present 5 outstanding companies at its beautiful pavilion.

Austria has a long tradition in interiors. Fabrics, furniture, wooden floorings, lighting designs, glassware, cutlery and so much more is exported all over the world. A small selection but an outstanding one is shown this year at Archidex 2011. A special highlight is the classical dining room and study displayed by the company Friedrich Otto Schmidt. But also lighting solutions by Eglo  and LC Lighting with Swarovski crystals attract many visitors. High interest is shown to Hagleitner's washroom dispensers. Doka successfully takes up the opportunity to market its state of the art form works technology.
Outside the hall a photo exhibition highlights Austrian excellence in sustainable wooden architecture. Samples from the Tyrol show the combination of wood, nature and modern architectural designs.

Archidex 2011