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New Trends in the Austrian Furniture Industry

10. February 2012

Flexible furniture for open living spaces is in demand
The furniture trends for 2012 are dominated by flexible all-rounders

Austrian furniture manufacturers presented their brand-new creations to the world at the imm cologne from January 16th to 22nd. Go online to experience the latest furniture collections of ADA, JOKA, TEAM 7, SEDDA and WITTMANN at the showroom of the Austrian furniture industry:

A beautiful rear can also endear. Sofas provide enticing perspectives – even with their backs. For example, ADA’s seating ensemble ‘Yoga’ becomes an eye-catcher with its gentle curves and exposed supports made of chrome. It is simply too beautiful to stand against a wall. Sofas are more than just seating furniture. They create wellness-areas in the centre of any room and create new perspectives for new furniture.

This is the new trend for 2012. Open living is en vogue. Friends are welcomed at the bar or in the kitchen for cocktails. Room dividers connect living with dining areas and create a perfect unity. Laptops and mobile phones turn living rooms into mobile workplaces. Established structures are broken down. Personally designed living environments with flowing transitions between the rooms’ respective functions replace the strict classification of kitchen, living room or bed room.

Therefore flexible furniture for open living spaces is in high demand. What does it look like? “We focus on versatility”, explains Jacob Strobel, chief designer of TEAM 7. “A room divider with a 360° rotatable TV-column, for example. You can watch TV from your couch as well as from your dining table”. The small details of this new furniture are very important. A wardrobe that hides its integrated flatscreen. A side board that conceals folders behind elegant flaps after work. And a kitchen like ‘k7’ with its height-adjustable cooking island that can be turned into a work top or bar. Lightness and mobility are two crucial factors for everybody interested in arranging furniture as freely as possible. Fauteuils like WITTMANN’s ‘Leslie’ are a welcome addition to every apartment with its restrained yet elegant design. Furthermore, furniture that can take on many different roles is very practical. You have guests sleeping over on short notice? You would like to turn your sofa into a cozy lounge area? The Austrian SEDDA company upgraded its classic sofa bed with new technology. The company’s latest transformation systems QUICK and QUICKplus turn sofas into beds within seconds with one swift movement.

Furniture from Austria

JOKA’s relax-furniture ‘Ultimo’ also combines several functions in one unit. It delivers on its promise of a charming living atmosphere: it is an elegant sofa, a cozy double bed and provides spacious storage compartments. Even traditional sleeping areas do not need separate rooms anymore. La Famiglia, a new generation of beds, can be integrated into the very center of every living room and supports the current trend of open living. Living and sleeping areas merge into one another. The bed room becomes a living room, a place to relax – your personal oasis of wellness. Therefore one of the key areas of this furniture season focuses on beds. For the first time, WITTMANN dedicates an entire booth at the imm cologne to its extraordinary collection of beds. The bedheads presented at this trade fair can be upholstered with individually selected fabrics to create the perfect fit for every living space and bring a touch of homeliness to the bed room.

Even though they are all very versatile, they have one thing in common: they are all chameleons. The furniture trend of 2012 promises flexible all-rounders for individual open living solutions.

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