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Getting Things Done in Oslo

9. June 2015

Inspiring gathering of the Austrian Business Community

Austria’s westernmost province, Vorarlberg, with its towering mountains and deep valleys is a harsh yet beautiful place to be and work at. So you don’t mess around, you are Getting Things Done. This is also the title of a wonderful exhibition   displaying architecture and craftsmanship from this region in Oslo’s exciting showroom DogA .

Just the right place for the Austrian Business Community in Norway to gather upon a lecture by fellow citizen Mario Obmascher of AMB arkitekter AS , who recently earned various awards for his unique approach to creating a new shopping and living area at Oslo’s former airport “Fornebu-S” .

What links Vorarlberg and this project is the high priority given to sustainability and the use of natural materials like wood. As the event proved there is a lot of ground to be developed in Norway applying Austrian mindset, technology and last but not least craftsmanship on many levels.