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Duty-free liquids and EU airports: New regulation to reduce confiscation 

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24 August 2007

New regulation adopted by the EU on 31 July 2007 will clear the way for airline passengers transiting in the EU to keep duty-free liquids bought in non-EU countries.

Under rulings adopted last year, airline passengers to the EU have been restricted in the amount of liquid they are permitted to take aboard in hand-luggage. Airline passengers who have a transfer in an EU country have been forced to surrender any duty-free liquids bought in a third, non-EU country, even though these would have been purchased after passing through airport security checkpoints.

The new regulation will permit the European Commission to determine whether aviation security standards in other countries are equivalent to those of the EU. Should a country meet the grade, passengers will no longer have to surrender duty-free liquids purchased in that country's airport when changing aircraft in the EU.

Decisions will be made on an individual basis, and the first exemptions are expected to be taken in the northern autumn/southern spring of this year.

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